Speeches and cooperation with the media

Speeches and cooperation with the media

In June 2019 advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka became a member of the Business Council of WSB University in Wroclaw (Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu).

In March 2019 at the Conference of PhD Students of the Lazarski University in Warsaw entitled ‘’THE LAW IN THE FACE OF THE CHALLENGES OF THE XXI CENTURY’’, advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka presented a paper on the subject of  “Chatbots and voicebots – how the development of artificial intelligence affects the provision of telecommunications services by telecommunications entrepreneurs.”

In January 2019, advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka commented on the online magazine Prawo.pl (Law.pl) the legal aspects of mobbing in the workplace of medical environments and the procedure for awarding damages and compensation for mobbing in court proceedings.

In October 2018, attorney Justyna Michalak-Królicka took part in the course of the second edition of the Warsaw Administrative Confrontations devoted to the issue of “Disclosure in administrative law” organised by Lazarski University in Warsaw, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Kozminski University in Warsaw.

In September 2018, attorney Justyna Michalak-Królicka held a lecture entitled “Safety in cosmetology, aesthetic medicine clinics and SPA centres. Formal elements of the client’s consent to the procedure.” How to defend against claims and at the same time legally protect against the side effects of treatments?” as part of the Beauty Expert Conference held in Wroclaw for representatives of the medical and cosmetology industry.

Advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka provided legal comments for TVN24 TV information programs  on the application  of the necessary defence institution in the Polish legal system, the consequences of crossing the boundaries of necessary defence and the distribution of the burden of evidence in criminal proceedings in the case of invoking the necessary defence.

Moreover, advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka commented for TVN24 on the legal consequences of the incapacitation institution, the judicial procedure in this matter, as well as the legally defined limits of interference of social welfare center in personal affairs of people using these center.

Advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka cooperates with the Money.pl portal, providing legal comments on the legal assessment of current events.