Cooperation with the best

JMK Advocate Office has been operating on the legal services market since February 2006.

Advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka started working as a lawyer in 1996 in the course of law studies. Since the first year of her studies she practised at law firms in Toruń and worked as a trainee in law firms in Wroclaw.

Advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka obtained an entry to the list of advocates of the Chamber of Advocates in Wroclaw kept by the District Bar Association in Wroclaw in October 2005.

Advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka gained professional experience by leading JMK Advocate Office and cooperating with other law firms to provide legal services to large business entities or serving joint projects. This cooperation allowed for the gradual acquisition of professional experience in many areas of law.

In the years 2006-2008, advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka cooperated with the law firm “CWW S. Cetera, M. Węgrzyn-Wysocka i Wspólnicy” Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów, partnership based in Wroclaw. During this period, she gained experience in independent and comprehensive legal services for business entities, including large commercial law companies. She considers cooperation with the company “EnergiaPro Gigawat” sp. o.o. based in Wroclaw an important stage in professional development, which allowed her to gain experience in the practical application of energy law. Cooperation with Telefonia DIALOG S.A. with headquarters in Wroclaw enriched her within the scope of consultancy in the field of telecommunications law.

Cooperation with the law firm “Grynhoff, Woźny, Maliński” a limited partnership based in Warsaw which started in 2009 allowed her to deepen the experience in the application of the provisions of the Telecommunications Law.

In 2010 – 2016, advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka cooperated with the international law firm Baker & McKenzie Krzyżowski i Wspólnicy, a limited partnership based in Warsaw. As an advocate at the Baker & McKenzie Law Firm, Justyna Michalak-Królicka represented clients in international disputes, according to the standards of one of the largest global law corporations. This cooperation allowed for the transfer of the best experience to the field of customer service at JMK Kancelaria Adwokacka. In the Baker & McKenzie law firm Krzyżowski i Wspólnicy based in Warsaw, attorney Justyna Michalak-Królicka, in addition to handling court proceedings in the litigation department, developed a specialization in the field of telecommunications law and criminal law.

JMK Advocate Office provides legal services for both business entities and individuals.

The purpose of the services provided by JMK Advocate Office is legal advice in the use of legal instruments available to clients in a given area of ​​their activity, as well as active representation of clients before courts in civil, criminal, economic and administrative court proceedings, as well as administrative authorities and offices.

In criminal matters, legal services include both representation of the client as a party notifying the suspicion of a crime and as a victim of prosecution authorities in preparatory proceedings, as well as legal representation for the Client as an auxiliary prosecutor in court criminal proceedings.

Reliable assessment of the legal issue and the selection of an appropriate legal solution is aimed at maximum protection of our client’s interests. Meeting the client’s expectations is accomplished by setting an individual strategy for dealing with a given matter and applying appropriate legal instruments in practice.

Legal services are also conducted in English.

I invite you to read the description of the professional experience of advocate Justyna Michalak-Królicka so far and to use the services of the JMK Advocate Office.