Rules of cooperation with the JMK Advocate Office

Rules of cooperation with the JMK Advocate Office

I invite you to use the form “Contact us“, giving you the opportunity to directly send a legal inquiry to the Office via e-mail.

A brief description of the legal issue or scope of legal service needs will allow us to address your individual service offer.

Clarification of the content of the offer may take place by phone (please see the Contact Tab) or during a meeting at the office of the JMK Advocate Office.

The JMK Advocate Office provides services in the settlement system tailored to the type of case and the scope of services provided, determined individually in the contract for the provision of legal services and tailored to the needs of a specific client.

The rules of settlements with corporate clients are usually set in an hourly or lump sum system, for a monthly fixed remuneration to the contracted service hours limit specified in the contract. Above the set limit, the Office’s remuneration is the sum of monthly worked-out hours and the remuneration rate determined for one lump sum.

Individual clients pay remuneration for services rendered in two systems: hourly or lump sum with a specified ceiling included in the lump sum of hours, above which the hours of services provided are settled at a fixed rate.

The activities performed in a given case or in the course of legal services are shown in a periodic settlement, which consists of a description of the activities performed and an indication of the time allowed for their performance.

In the course of legal services, Clients of the JMK Advocate Office are informed on an ongoing basis about the correspondence sent in their cases by the Courts and parties to the process, as well as instructed on the necessary further actions in the case. All information and answers to inquiries from clients are provided by the lawyers of the JMK Advocate Office via electronic correspondence, during a telephone conversation or in person.