The JMK Advocate Office experience gained on a day-to-day basis allows us to keep you informed via our website about interesting decisions made in our Clients’ cases, as well as controversial positions of the courts, which we have encountered in our everyday practice.

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The registered office of the JMK Advocate Office is the loft of Nowa Papiernia in Wroclaw, Poland, at 142 D Gen. Tadeusza Kościuszki, premise no. 7, near the County Office in Wroclaw.

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From judicial decisions in the JMK Advocate Office

In the course of providing services to our Clients and during ongoing court proceedings, we encounter interesting and controversial rulings of the courts. Descriptions of the most interesting judgments are posted on the JMK Advocate Office blog.

18 April 2024 | ,


The development of artificial intelligence arouses many emotions. We are aware of the enormous possibilities of using AI in everyday life, as well as the potential of AI to revolutionize the business world, using, for example, cognitive computing or deep machine learning. While analysing the AI issues, it is worth considering a certain paradox related to its significant limitations, which we, humans, being conscious users of AI, may not be…

Joint and several liability for debts to the Housing Cooperative

Who is responsible for the arrears in settling fees for the Housing Cooperative related to the operation of the premises?  Should the debt be covered by the owner of the dwelling or the person actually residing in it? In one of the cases conducted by JMK Advocate’s Office, the housing cooperative in Wrocław initiated legal proceedings against a person residing in a  premise, raising claims for unpaid fees  for the operation of…

Compensation for lost benefits for the energy company

Table of contents: 1. Legal basis for the claim sought by the energy enterprise. 2. The Court's findings - the claim for damages is justified. 3. The amount awarded. Can an energy company claim damages when the consumer ceases to draw electricity, deliberately disconnecting from the grid and then joining the grid of a new energy supplier? Is compensation due if the energy consumer disconnects during the period of notice…